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Maximum Box Settings

The cart combines all products ordered into one or more boxes. Enter the weight, in pounds, and the length, in inches, that you would like the shopping cart to use when creating multiple boxes.

The cart will calculate shipping for one box if the total order weight is less than the Maximum Box Settings values.

This is a "Global Package Setting". This will effects all of the applicable real-time shipping methods (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc).

Due to limitations with the different shipping companies, values above a certain weight will be ignored:
  • FedEx - 70 lbs
  • UPS - 150 lbs
  • USPS - 66 lbs
  • USPS First Class - 13 Ounces
  • USPS Priority Mail International - 66 Pounds
If no length value is entered the following defaults are used:
  • FedEx 23.8 inches
  • UPS 21 inches
  • USPS 21 inches
If no girth is entered then girth checking will not happen.

Note: Does not apply to UPS Freight LTL shipments.