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Basic eBay Settings

By default the shopping cart will not process eBay orders that were not created using our Inventory Control system. This is due to the fact that the shopping cart needs to have at least a minimal description of your shipping preferences before it can process your eBay items.

Once configured, the shopping cart will look for and calculate shipping according to the following eBay options. These will be evaluated in the order shown below (the eBay option is shown in bold followed by the cart's action):
  1. An exact part number match in the shopping cart inventory system. -The cart will use the shipping info saved in the inventory system to calculate shipping.
  2. eBay "Calculated" shipping information -The shipping will be calculated according to the shipping info returned from eBay.
  3. eBay "Flat" rate option -The shipping amount will simply be the flat rate returned by eBay.
  4. Shopping cart defaults (no data from eBay). -The cart will calculate shipping according to the shipping information set in these Third Party Auction settings.