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ShopWorks EDP

Please see for details about the ShopWorks product.

Additional ShopWorks Information
# Order Type 2Enter the value you would like to have imported for this field. This is a required field by ShopWorks so if you leave it blank we will default to the value "31"
# CustomerThis is an optional ShopWorks field. If you leave it blank we will not send this field.
Date To ShipThis field will use the ship date you set in the Search My Orders tool. However if you do not have a date set, you can configure a default shipping date here. If you leave this blank then the original order date will be used as the shipping date.

Button Overrides
LinkPointCart normally will not use Fields 20-29: Misc Product Information (optional) for any processing. These fields are for merchant use only. However when your downloading the ShopWorks EDP a merchant can set/override certain EDP variables in the ShopWorks file. To override a value such as "Color Range" you would prefix the field with this text "ShopWorks EDP Color Range:" then anything after the colon would be sent to the "Color Range" field.
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