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Offering different discounts based on the quantity ordered?

This code allows either a dollar-discount or a percentage-discount off the item price.
If the product should offer a dollar reduction, simply include the code:
(This gives a dollar discount for product).

If you want to give a savings percentage for the product, use the code:
(This gives a percentage discount for the product.)

All entries MUST be numeric and include the currency ( $ ) or the percentage ( % ) symbol.

To build a discount structure based on quantity use the ( @ ) symbol, your quantity, a colon, then the discount amount.
To give a discount on every Nth item use the ( # ) symbol, the Nth item, a colon, followed by the discount amount.

Discounts that begin with # or @ can be made global.
To do this simply end the discount code with the global identifier.
If a product is not made global then the discount can only apply to the 1st specific cart entry.

Example: A customer buys between 10 and 50 items,
                      I offer 3% discount
              A customer buys between 50 and 100 items,
                      I offer 5% discount

Here is the discount code:

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