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Continue Shopping URL

The shopping cart has several "Continue Shopping" buttons throughout the cart pages. These buttons will take your customers back to your website so that they may add more products to their shopping basket. Normally the shopping cart will auto-detect this value and return your customer to the last page visited from your website.

However, there are a few instances where auto-detection fails. Common reasons for failure are:
  1. The customer has set high security settings in their browser.
  2. The customer is behind a firewall.
If you do not want to auto-detect the URL then enter the specific URL that you would like to use here.

Note: You can override this option by adding the following into ANY shopping cart button:

<input type=hidden name=ContinueShoppingURL value="URL">

Where URL is the URL that you would like your customers sent to.

An example of a URL in use would be
  1. The shopper goes to page "A" on your website and clicks a cart button (which has a ContinueShoppingURL set for page "B")
  2. Normally, LinkPointCart would set the Continue URL to page "A". However, since the ContinueShoppingURL exists it is set to page "B" instead.
"IGNORE" is a special values that will tell the shopping cart to skip detection of a new continue url and use the old stored one instead, if any.
"CLOSE" is a special value that will tell the shopping cart to attempt to close the window, rather then sending them to a URL.

To do this you would add one of these lines to any cart button:

<input type=hidden name=ContinueShoppingURL value="IGNORE">
<input type=hidden name=ContinueShoppingURL value="CLOSE">

An example of IGNORE in use would be
  1. The shopper goes to page "A" on your website and clicks a cart button
  2. LinkPointCart sets the Continue URL to page "A"
  3. The shopper goes back to your website and navigates to page "B" (which has IGNORE in use) and clicks a cart button
  4. Normally the cart would set page "B" as the new Continue URL, however since it is using IGNORE the shopping cart maintains the old "A" page instead.
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