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Add to Price Table

Use this to add to your price/weight tables. We recommend you start all your tables with an order value of 0.00.

If you to wanted to create the following shipping cost structure:
    0.00 - 4.99 = 4.95
    5.00 - 19.99 = 5.95
    20.00 and up = 7.95
Then you would do the following:
  1. An order of 0.00 or greater has a shipping cost of 4.95
  2. Click Add >
  3. An order of 5.00 or greater has a shipping cost of 5.95
  4. Click Add >
  5. An order of 20.00 or greater has a shipping cost of 7.95
  6. Click Add >
In addition to using flat dollar rates, you can enter a percentage (x%) to calculate the shipping rate on the order subtotal.

Note: Creating a weight table works in the same manner. Simply swap the price values, in the example above, for weight values (in pounds).

A shipping cost of -1 will display an error message. And prevent the shopper from checking out.
A shipping cost of -2 will display an warning message. And allow the shopper to check out as if the table did not charge any shipping.
The warning message that a shopper will see can be set with the Custom Error/Warning Message feature.
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